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Why Bother to Blog?

One of the greatest shifts to come out of the increase in media platforms, is the ability for anyone who is anyone, to have a say on a topic or issue which matters to them.

Back in the days of my early journalism career (way back when in the late 1990’s), newspapers reserved pages specifically for ‘opinion columns’, which created an opportunity for a staffer to deliver a perspective on a story of the moment.

And, as we well know, by flicking through any weekend national newspaper, there are any number of celebrities and household names who today have their regular opinion platform in printed press.

But the world no longer requires you to be a household name or a ‘subject editor’ in the media, to have your own chance to air your views publicly on a regular basis.

Blogging has become a popular and extremely effective tool in business leaders, politicians, social influencers, and experts in any field, being able to tell the nation how they feel.

If you’re a company owner, an entrepreneur, or even a relatively opinionated individual who wants to carve a niche for yourself in a particular sphere, I’m of the view that blogging is a great resource in your toolbox.

Of course, what you’re probably busy thinking is, ‘ah, but that takes time and energy I just don’t have’. Or maybe ‘I’m no writer, so I couldn’t articulate what I’d want to say’. And perhaps ‘blog….but where, to whom, and how do I make someone read it?’.

These are really valid and understandable concerns, particularly if you’ve never dipped into blogging before, are already firefighting a million and one tasks, and can’t even be sure of the ‘value’ in committing to blogging.

Let’s look at some of the key questions I debate with clients, and see if I can convince you of a blog’s worth:

What’s the purpose of a blog?

The world is far more impressed by authenticity than it has ever been. Blogs allow you to share a personal perspective from within your company, sector or expert subject matter, in a way which positions you as a voice of authority and encourages engagement.

It allows your employees to feel your passion, offers journalists an opportunity to see your valuable perspective, and elevates you as a specialist who can be trusted to talk with sincerity and heart.

Will it take up a huge amount of my time?

It doesn’t need to. A few hundred words is all it takes to capture a light-touch theme, unless of course you want to delve deeper.

For those of you who are not natural born writers, I work with a huge number of clients who give me a handful of bullet points and anecdotes to work from.

Does anyone care what I think?

Yes, absolutely. Social media is full of people airing and sharing opinions, and in today’s world, we want more leaders and passionate experts to share what they’re contributing to society, and why issues matter to them.

Where should I be wanting my blog to be hosted, shared or featured?

Ideally, you’d be hosting a blog initially on your own website. The beauty, is that, from there, you’ll be sharing the content on to your social channels, in a newsletter to your clients or customers, and perhaps as a press release or verbatim opinion article for the media.

It has a multitude of uses once the initial work is done.

Is there such thing as ‘over sharing’?

Indeed there is. It’s wise to consider carefully how your political and ethical views might impact on others, and always, always, gather a further opinion from an impartial trusted person, before exposing yourself too far.

While answering these top-line questions may not have convinced you to start blogging straight away, you certainly may want to give it further thought, or give me a call if you’d like to discuss the idea of having some initial content ghost-written for you.

I blog for a number of CEOs, charity leaders, and in recent times, even for professionals who are seeking employment in the midst of the pandemic and are hoping to be more ‘impressionable’, by housing content on their own website.

If I can help, please drop me a line:

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