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Are You The Best Author of Your Own Winning CV?

I’ve had so many people contacting me in recent weeks, asking how I might feel about ‘helping with their CV’. That request is usually followed relatively swiftly by ‘Is that cheating?’.

Let me start, therefore, by saying that I absolutely do not see any reason why you would feel guilty for seeking some additional help and support, in order to shape your CV and cover letter.

We all know it’s a hellishly competitive market out there right now, and with furlough coming to an end imminently, and more and more people finding themselves unexpectedly in need of a career opportunity, you absolutely have to stand out from the crowd.

Asking for some professional help with your CV and letter, isn’t something to be regarded as ‘cheating’ (unless perhaps you’re putting yourself forward for a job which is all about finessing a person’s resume), but instead, is giving an external perspective on the amount you’ve achieved, and helping you articulate and present that wealth of capability in a more attractive way.

Think of it like a business brand. On this occasion it’s ‘Brand You’, but any business that goes to pitch for something, or has a piece of business it wants to win, will deploy the right tactics to present itself in the right light.

It’ll make sure it uses the design department to put the pitch document together; it’ll invite the client to the best restaurant, rally together its best performing sales professionals for the presentation, and give huge thought to every last inch of how it might be judged or assessed.

Your CV is a small way of doing exactly that.

The other not so insignificant factor is that engaging someone else to write your CV and letter, means ‘letting go of control’, and ‘allowing someone else to sell you’.

You certainly know that if you were to tell someone else about the qualities your daughter has, or your best friend, or your spouse, you’d be very articulate and capable of doing so.

But, in nine out of 10 cases, we’re all a little less comfortable with saying nice things about ourselves, and ‘bigging ourselves up’.

Having a person write your CV and cover letter therefore gets over that complexity, and ensures you don’t have to feel arrogant, big-headed or awkward….but you still get to tell that prospective employer just how valuable to their team.

So what’s holding you back?

Want some help with a CV or cover letter?

Drop me a line and let me help you secure that perfect job.

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